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     I've never been one for home cleaning, so I was really excited when I found Canary Wharf Cleaners offering regular cleaning at such a great price. I figured at such a cheap rate it was worth a go, and I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint. The service is great and the team are lovely.
Hettie Boyd19/05/2020
     I loved the service that was provided by CanaryWharfCarpetCleaners. They were fast and professional. I will be sure to recommend!
Zach H.19/09/2019
     I have cats. While they don't make too much of a mess, they do sometimes knock things over (especially breakable things) while I'm at work. I called [COMPANY NAME] for those times, and they did a remarkable job of cat disaster control. I'd recommend their home cleaning.
Howard Longstreet03/07/2019
     Cleaning is a chore I absolutely hate. I have no passion to even clean my own house so I desperately wanted a cleaner to help me with it. My boyfriend recommended the people who clean his house from Canary Wharf Cleaners and when the team I hired came over, they were polite and professional. I couldn't be happier and more impressed.
Sharon J.01/12/2015
     My son ran through our landing with disgusting shoes as it had been raining that day. I got fed up of cleaning it, so I hired cleaners from Canary Wharf Cleaning Company to sort us out quickly. I was super impressed with their professionalism and didn't think twice about hiring them. So glad I did.
     I have used Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf for the occasional spring clean and I know I shall continue using them because they do such a great job! No matter how clean I keep my home, winter does leave behind its dirt and grime. It has been a huge help to have their expert team of cleaners come around and deep clean the house. I simply don't have the time or energy to do it myself, but I love returning to the home that has been recently cleaned by them!
M. Evans18/02/2015
     I love having my home professionally cleaned - there's nothing that can compare to! Getting my home cleaned by expert saves me so much time and effort, and Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf couldn't do a better job! I've used a few of their home cleaning services, and now I hire my regular cleaner from them. Cleaning isn't a worry of mine anymore thanks to the hardworking and reliable cleaner that I have!
Lizz Kearney29/01/2015
     Coming home after a tedious and long day at the office and being confronted with a sparkling house is such a joy! I know my wife feels the same! Once the cleaners have been in and cleaned our kitchen and bathroom, as well as put clean sheets on all the beds, we can just enjoy cooking our dinner in peace. Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf has afforded us this pleasure and we can't thank you enough. Your professional service has made our lives that much more enjoyable!
George Q.15/01/2015
     I live on my own but because I'm out a lot I needed to hire a cleaner to do the domestic cleaning and chores for me. This cleaning company is well worth the cost - the cleaner they send me is very reliable and she works hard. The tough jobs like the shower tile scrubbing get done regularly and the kitchen is always cleaned to a very high standard. It suits me very well because I have little time to tidy up and get things clean when I'm dashing in and out and cleaning is the last thing I want to do on my days off. If you need a good and reliable cleaner then definitely speak to Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf.
     I have a number of rugs at home and it is often a struggle to get them as clean as I would like. All that scrubbing and care needed to bring them back to life is a bit out of my league I'm afraid! That is why I now use Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf for their rug cleaning service. It is inexpensive compared to other companies in the area and also remarkably effective. We use them for every cleaning job we need doing these days and our rugs as well as the rest of the place always looks fantastic!
S. Beasley09/10/2014
     I spend a lot of time doing stage shows, so I'm not at home as often as I would like. I'm either on the road all of the time, auditioning or practicing for certain roles, either way it doesn't leave much time at home. So when I do spend time at home, I'd like it to be in cleanliness and comfort. So when I'm returning home, I get in touch with Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf. I get my brother to let them in, and once I return I have a spotless home, ready to relax and spend time with friends and family in. It's a wonderful service, and very convenient, especially given my work regime. I don't know what I would've done without them...
Sue B.29/08/2014
     Our business premises needed a thorough clean and we were in the market for some cleaners that did more than the basics. With Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf we get the best of everything - there are carpet cleaners, furniture cleaning specialists, bathroom and kitchen cleaners and routine office cleaning staff who come to us outside our work hours with all the materials and products they need, and every day we have a sparkling office to work in. I am very pleased with the results we have had from this cleaning company and would certainly encourage others to call them if they need help with cleaning.
Craig H.30/06/2014
     If you are searching for a reliable cleaning company for a home clean service then call Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf.I have just had my house thoroughly cleaned by two great cleaning ladies who were polite and worked hard. They covered every minor detail such as light switches, door knobs skirting boards as well as the general polishing, vacuuming and mopping. The entire house was covered and in particular the bathroom and kitchen were done meticulously. The place looks so sparkling clean and tidy and fresh. I would definitely recommend anyone needing a cleaning service to hire this company they did a great job.
Cora Wallace12/06/2014
     I only called Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf for the first time a few weeks ago, and I'm already so impressed and delighted with them as a company. They're much more affordable than my last cleaning company, and the cleaners do a much better job! I'm more than 100% satisfied with the cleaners that they provide as they all come across as polite, professional and dedicated to their work. I couldn't be happier with the cleaning help that I receive, and I've told all of my friends about their great services and prices and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for domestic cleaners!
Lizz R.17/04/2014
     My wife and I spend a lot of time travelling due to business. This means that we very rarely have the time to have a good proper clean. Hiring Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf has allowed us to walk into a clean house whilst not having to do any manual work. This gives my wife and I extra time to spend together on days off, doing things that we actually enjoy. We no longer have to hold back on joining social events and we are in an overall good mood. Would recommend them to everyone - reliable, cheap, thorough, honest, punctual, hardworking and professional!
Martin Brown27/03/2014
     I'm very impressed with Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf and the ways in which my professional house cleaner works. She's very quick and very skilled, and even those bathroom stains that I thought would sully my tiling forever are now completely gone! There's no job that my cleaner can't do, and she's very friendly and very professional as well! This is a company that definitely knows what they're doing, and all of the services are very affordable too. I will be using this service again and have told everyone I know about it! Thank you so much for helping me in my home!
     Having not long started a new job I was working long hours to settle in. Not only that, my commute time had increased dramatically which all led to me having a lot less free time. When this free time did arise I wanted to spend it doing relaxing and enjoyable things, not cleaning my flat! As a result it began to look a little forgotten about, so I decided enough was enough and called Carpet Cleaners Canary Wharf. They now have a key to my flat and have cleaned it every week since that very first phone call. Just superb, every time.
Jono Bates02/12/2013

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